Team Magic B8ER Yellow/Black (TM560011BH)

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The new B8ER EP buggy is now released in a waterproof version. Based on the race prooven B8RS competition equipped with powerful waterproof HARD brushless system and strong 8kg waterproof metal gear HARD servo make this kit unbeatable. Including aluminum shock towers, High Quality CVD shaft, special high traction and longlife HRC Racing tires.


- 8kg waterproof metal gear HARD servo
- durable CVD drive shaft front and rear
- full ball bearing
- polycarbonate body
- adjustable aluminum shock towers and dampers
- adjustable droop
- full material shock resistant arms
- hardened drive shafts
- special HRC Racing tires
- high speed 2500kv HARD brushless motor
- HARD 100 A 3-4s waterproof ESC
- 3 stealth racing differentials with metal gears
- Max speed: 75-85km/h

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