Axon X10 Ball Bearing Set For Awesomatix A800MMX (BS-PG-A001)

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, BS-PG-A001

This is Axon X10 Ball Bearing Set For Awesomatix A800MMX. For Axon X10 ball bearings, we have thoroughly pursued the clearance of each part so that the high-precision balls function in the optimum state, including the uniform ball size, which is the most important for ball bearings.

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Then, Axon's original coating is applied, and instead of being filled with grease, it is filled with high heat resistant CORE bearing oil MV that suppresses resistance under high load to the utmost limit, and finished to demonstrate the best performance.


For: Awesomatix A800MMX

Material: Steel

Color: Silverw


730 Ball Bearing (2 pcs)

840 Ball Bearing (1 pc)

1060 Ball Bearing (13 pcs)

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Chassis A800MMX
Ersatzteil/Tuningteil Ersatz und Tuning, Tuningteil
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